Sunday, March 25, 2012


This is our website:


  • Motivation:
    Through “Smell This”, we are able to invite players who are vision impaired. Although taking away a primary sense of the human body narrows down our audience, it at the same time increases accuracy of our secondary senses.

  • Problem statement:
    The major problem we encounter is that no one likes being vision impaired for a long duration of time, even for a short duration it can be slightly frustrating. This can be a deterrent from training one’s sense of smell.

  • Approach:
    As we needed an incentive, we decided to make our game competitive. Rather than doing an action on your own, the game is played with 2 people and is a race against time.

  • Results:
    Even when taking away a person primary sense it is still possible for a person to have fun for a duration of time provided there is a proper incentive. Our overall contribution is that games can be played with the things you smell, as opposed to things you see.

  • Conclusions:
    While our game may not be world changing we hope people can see, from a different light, ways that people play and design games. The results from players will help improve their sense of smell, something they may not always actively pay attention too.

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Smell This!"

Ok guys, just posting Chets idea for our radical game. I don't have the feedback from today's class. We will post that later :)

Experience Design:

Assignment One:

"Nose over sight"


Importance of smell.

" Our sense of smell helps us enjoy life. We delight in the aromas of our favorite foods or the fragrance of flowers. Our sense of smell also is a warning system, alerting us to danger signals such as a gas leak, spoiled food, or a fire. Any loss in our sense of smell can have a negative effect on our quality of life. It also can be a sign of more serious health problems."

Game idea :

Its a time-based game which involves blindfolding the player, placing them in the middle of a rather tricky maze and encouraging them to locate the exit by using the nose only.

NOVEL: Its novel because its a game where the participant navigates an area according to what they smell, rather than from what they see.


1) Shows us that games can be played without the primary sense of sight

2) Moreover has a medical purpose as it can be utilised as a test to determine whether the participant has a smell disorder or not.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

we have a problem

so calling around reptile centers and the zoo and the museum we got denied on every count so from the looks of it we have to go back to the drawing board and re thing our idea.
All is not lost we have managed to come up with game ideas that involves the other senses other then the primary one used in games (sight)
From the way things are looking we could end up designing a game for the vision impaired.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Stumbled upon this and figured it might come in handy for our one since its along the same lines and what not.

Monday, March 5, 2012


OK here is my first post =)
In class Monday we decided to generate more ideas we could use for our game we would survey the class and ask what they were most afraid of. Now not having the list with me I will list what I recall.

Elevators / Darkness / Enclosed spaces / Suffocation
Fear of limbs being cut off / torture
Heights / Falling
Public speaking,
Needles/ Pain

This is all I can remember for now.